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bodybuilding food

Bodybuilder Recipes

Eating for body building can be a challenging yet fulfilling endeavor. The challenge is to alter or enhance recipes to get the maximum gains required for building muscle. On the other hand it is fulfilling to create and tailor your favorite meals for bodybuilding.

In the past, the general mindset was to scarf down a few dozen eggs, mix up some protein powder and hit the gym. Well thoughout the years as the sport and art of bodybuilding gained popularity the ways to eat and recipes to support the bodybuilding lifestyle became more sophisticated.

The typical bodybuilding meal should consist of a majority of protein to ensure that the densest muscles are achieved. Carbohydrates are also an important part of building bodybuilding recipes. A classic example of good carbohydrates are baked potatoes. Also to balance out the meal, vegetables, fruits and dairy should complete your recipes.

Some good proteins to build your recipes around are lean pork, chicken, fish, beef and turkey. Other non meat sources are soybeans, nuts and whey. Carbohydrates are categorized as simple and complex. Simple carbohydrates are white sugar, rice and white bread. Complex carbohydrates are whole grains. So now we have some of the basic building blocks to creating fulfilling bodybuilding food recipes.

The last thing to consider in cooking for bodybuilding is preparation and how your food will be cooked. Since bodybuilding is such a nutrition depleting sport, it is important that the way you cook your food be a top priority. Grilled, broiled, boiled and raw is the best way to ensure that when you cook your food that it doesn't deplete it of the vital nutrition that is present in its natural state. Frying should definitely be avoided when cooking for bodybuilding. As for seasoning your food, one of the best ways to accomplish this is to use herbs. Considering the the other ways to make your food tasty such as salt, butter, gravies and fat, these should be avoided. The use of herbs is a beneficial way to ensure that you will cook a tasty yet healthy meal. So in conclusion, a major part of bodybuilding is eating because without food your body would just waste away.

Now for a few simple yet effective bodybuilder recipes.

Herb Grilled Chicken marinated in ghee, garlic and chilli.

Twice baked sweet potatoes

Spinich salad with fresh basil and spouted almonds. Olive oil and balsamic vinegar lemon dressing.

Bon Apetit!

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